Dec. 29, 2022

2: Corruption, Lies, and Mysteries

2: Corruption, Lies, and Mysteries

Hey gang! The brothers discuss a chihuahua they believe to be spoiled. The chihuahua is five years old and is allegedly spoiled by being given ice water and being allowed to sleep on the bed. The brothers also discuss how the chihuahua was caught stealing ham on one occasion.

The conversation starts with a discussion of a mystery Shane discovered when he spots a tweet from actress Leah Remini. Leah Remini also hosted and produced a show called Scientology and the Aftermath and has a podcast called Fair Game.

In a tweet, Leah talks about how Shelly Miscavige, the wife of Scientology's leader David Miscavige, has been missing for over 15 years. Leah alleges that the LAPD possibly mishandled the missing person case and provided emails showing a very friendly relationship between the detectives and the Church of Scientology. But this mystery deepened for Shane when mysterious propaganda twitter accounts started @ him after he tweeted about Shelly's disappearance.

The topic then moves over to Josh's subject on Spiritualism during the Victorian time and supernatural swindlers. Spiritualism took flight around 1850, during the next 100 years countless victims would be scammed by mostly con-artists. Were all the accounts due to sleight of hand and some smoke paper? Or was there any actual evidence of communication with spirit?

Mystery Inc is on the case!

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