Feb. 15, 2023

5: Gettysburg, Ghosts, and Princesses

5: Gettysburg, Ghosts, and Princesses
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Jinkies! Hey Gang! The Waters brothers are back with another Mystery Inc episode - this time fresh from their drive to Gettysburg (but more on that in a moment).

Josh starts with the first story, which comes from one of his favorite animated princess movies Anastasia. The villain in the movie is based on the real life person Grigori Rasputin - a Russian mystic and self-proclaimed holy man. Rasputin is an interesting character, whose 'member' is in a museum in Russia.

Shane's story is themed from the Waters' trip to Gettysburg - a good ole ghost story! And a very credible one at that! Did a ghost from the Battle of Gettysburg give two men civil war cartridges?

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