April 15, 2023

9: The Mystery at Airtight Bridge

9: The Mystery at Airtight Bridge
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Jinkies! Hey Gang, join Shane and Josh as they embark on a chilling adventure in Charleston, Illinois, driving their Mystery Machine Tesla to the picturesque Airtight Bridge. Although the bridge appears serene, nestled over the gentle waters of the Embarras River and listed on the National Register of Historical Places, it hides a sinister past.

The Airtight Bridge, so named for the "unnatural stillness" that envelops it, was once a popular spot for local teens to hang out and drink. But on October 19, 1980, the bridge became the site of a gruesome discovery: a mutilated woman's body, missing her head, hands, and feet, was found floating nearby. Scuba divers searched for clues and missing body parts, but little was found, and the woman's identity remained a mystery.

Laid to rest in Charleston Mound Cemetery under the name "Jane Doe," the grave became a site of pilgrimage for those touched by the case. Visitors would leave flowers and tokens of sympathy, remembering the unknown woman and her tragic fate.

In 1992, a breakthrough finally came. DNA analysis identified the victim as Diana Marie Riordan-Small, who had vanished from her Illinois home over 100 miles away. With her identity restored, Jane Doe's headstone was replaced to honor her memory.

In this riveting episode, Shane and Josh unravel the haunting tale of the Airtight Bridge and the tragic story of Diana Marie Riordan-Small. Tune in and immerse yourself in this true crime mystery that's sure to captivate your imagination.

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